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The reason

We are so special

Our story

After almost a 15 year career in European Management Consulting, Stratexis  was founded to serve Egyptian and Middle Eastern firms.

At Stratexis, we provide customized advisory services to address strategy, processes, and management needs to leading firms across the Middle East.

Our offer includes Business Development, Post Merger integration, Operations Excellence and Regulatory Impacts among a range of various other consulting services.

Our vision

At Stratexis, we promote a dynamic Consulting Model.


Increasingly we find consulting firms relying on “cookie-cutter” approaches and solutions. We believe that as consultants we are in the problem-solving business, and problems are best addressed by a structured approach based on a global comprehensive framework, that defines required inputs and expected outputs.

Our consultants utilize their diverse backgrounds and experiences to arrive at unique solutions to address challenging problems.

Our values




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